+ Is oat milk healthy?

In general, oat milk shares many of the same health benefits as other plant based milks (eg. almond, cashew etc...) serving as a tasty dairy alternative. Most, if not all, oats are GMO as any modifications of oats are generally not necessary because oats are an inherently resilient crop.

+ How long will my oat milk last?

We make our oat milk fresh with no preservatives or stabilizers. Please drink Tōats within 4 days of opening. Please do not drink your Tōats oat milk more than 4 days after the "SELL BY" date stamped on your bottle.

+ Does oat milk need to be refrigerated?

Regrigeration varies across oat milk brands AND varieties. Some brands have an oat milk that is shelf stable while having other varieties that require regrigeration. Oat milks vary greatly from brand to brand. All oat milks should be refrigerated after opening. Common fridge life of opened oat milk is 4 to 7 days. Check your packaging or oat milk brand's website for your oat milk shelf life.

+ Where can I buy your oat milk?

We are currently shipping to all addresses in Colorado. As we build our brand we will add new states in North America. If you want to apply to our waiting list please visit our contact us page.

+ How does oat milk compare to almond milk or other plant based milks?

Oat milk is higher in fiber and has more protein than almond milk. Additionally, 1 cup of oat milk contains approximately 10% of daily iron needs. The fiber type in oats is beta-clucan and is shown to help reduce cholesterol in the human body.

+ Comparing oat milk to dairy milk, is there anything oat milk falls short in?

Yes, in fact there are nutritional values where dairy milk delivers more in relation to oat milk. For instance, cow milk has more protein than oat milk.

+ Dairy milk has alot of calcium, does oat milk have calcium?

Yes, oats and inherently oat milk, are a source of calcium. Some varieties of oat milk have additional calcium from additives in their ingredient list. Tōats Original Blend oat milk does not have any additives and the oat and water reaction is the only source of calcium in the bottle.

+ What oats are used for ideal production of oat milk.

We think the best oat milk is made with gluten free, organic oats produced with as little finishing processes as possible, keeping the rolled oats as close to original values as is practical. Our oats are sourced locally in Colorado. We like it when ingredients don't have to travel far.

+ Can I use Toats in lattes?

There is an inherent difference between staple plant based milks and versions that are made for steaming. While you can use our Original Blend in lattes and other coffee drinks it is not a "barista" specific version and hence won't steam or froth as thoroughly as other plant based barista blends. We are currently developing our barista blend and hope to have it soon. To join our waiting list for samples of Tōats Barista Blend, please contact us.


*These FAQs are meant simply as a general consumer resource and are provided as a courtesy. The information has been compiled from available resources, references available upon request.

Tōats Oats, it's employees or executives are not doctors, registered dieticians or nutritionists. We are excited about oats, and are interested in spreading their positive aspects.

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